Dozens Of Lawmakers Are Demanding An End To The Military’s Vaccine Mandate

The United States military is barely hanging on by a thread these days. Amid major economic issues, members of the Armed Forces are being told to get food stamps if they’re not currently able to make ends meet.

Furthermore, military recruitment rates are lower than they’ve been in decades. Not only are there fewer Americans signing up to serve in the military, but the pool of eligible individuals has significantly decreased. This is largely due to various health issues, such as obesity.

To make matters even worse, as the military faces all these issues, some servicemembers are being thrown out for refusing to take mandatory COVID-19 vaccines.

Because of the tightrope the military is walking these days, lawmakers are demanding for the Pentagon to scrap this mandate at once.

A Clear Message to the Pentagon
Earlier this week, 47 lawmakers penned a letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, calling for an end to the vaccine mandate and the return of servicemembers who lost their jobs for not abiding by the mandate.

In this letter, the nearly four dozen congressional members pointed out how various branches of the military aren’t meeting their quotas and can’t afford to let people go.

Austin was also reminded that many more servicemembers could lose their jobs, thus further weakening the military, if their exemption requests to the vaccine mandate are not approved.

Finally, the defense secretary was told the COVID-19 vaccine mandate is not only hurting current military members, but it’s also eliminating potential future applicants who don’t want this jab.

A Preventable National Security Crisis
COVID-19 has been shown to be most dangerous to the elderly and the immunocompromised, not young healthy individuals who meet the quotas to serve in the military.

Furthermore, people who take the vaccine can still catch the virus, suffer symptoms, and pass the virus on to others.

The Pentagon has now been formally warned this mandate is doing much more harm than good. If officials do not scrap this order and reinstate those who lost their jobs because of the mandate, the military will likely become a shell of its former self.

Ultimately, what happens will be determined by whether or not officials put the importance of national security above their own egos tied to this vaccine edict.