Dr. Carson Declares COVID-19 Mandates And Gender Identity Are ‘Child Abuse’

Pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson, former GOP presidential candidate and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under former President Trump, declared Friday that the government’s COVID-19 policies create long-term permanent risk for children who otherwise are barely threatened by the virus. Noting the incidence of death from COVID among otherwise healthy kids is 0.025%, Carson said it makes “no sense” to mask the very young.

In an interview at CPAC in Orlando, Dr. Carson’s observations hardly stopped there!

In warning that we may end up with a generation of poorly developed people who do not know how to interact with each other, Carson focused on younger years when children develop their self-image through positive feedback from facial expressions. Masking our children is damaging in and of itself, but Carson adds that the government tells them they may have a sickness and not know it. And even worse, “you might give it to your grandmother, and she may die.”

Is it any wonder that psychiatric emergencies in the US spiked 40% in the last year alone? Carson said we are only at the beginning of seeing the adverse effects of misguided mandates and COVID policies.

The far-reaching interview dug into other bizarre concepts that the left is trying to impose on the very young, including telling white children that they are of the oppressor class and cause all problems faced by minorities while telling the minority children that they are all victims.

Add to this the horrifically shocking message to the child that you may not be a boy or a girl, and the result is “child abuse.”

Warning that books now available for kindergarteners through second graders have images of naked people doing “all kinds of things” kids should not be exposed to at that age, Dr. Carson says the materials plant non-binary gender ideology “seeds” in their thoughts at the most impressionable age.

“We are destroying the American family, and we are throwing away our faith in God.”

Dr. Carson did not just recently come aboard the resistance to radical gender ideologies. For years, the esteemed surgeon has warned of the adverse effects of the gender identity movement despite sharp criticism from Democratic politicians and alternate lifestyle proponents. While serving as HUD Director, he was frantic to resign after he voiced concerns over men being admitted to homeless shelters for women, many of whom have suffered domestic abuse from males.

To his lasting credit, Carson refused to back down. Instead, he doubled down against a resolution introduced in Congress criticizing his stand, decrying repeated attempts to “stir up controversy through identity politics.”