Electric Vehicle Campaigns Just Hit Another Snag

The left-wing push to have every single American driving an electric vehicle is neverending. Democrats argue because of climate change, electric vehicles are a great way to save the environment.

Unfortunately, the fantasy of widespread, uniform electric vehicle use is at odds with the reality of these machines. For one thing, many charging stations designed for electric vehicles just don’t work. If electric vehicles become the only mode of transportation for drivers, this can easily spiral into a national security crisis.

On top of that, Florida’s recent run-in with Hurricane Ian exposed the fragility of electric vehicles. After mass rain and floods, several electric vehicles across the Sunshine State are literally exploding.

Now, yet another problem has emerged, thereby complicating the campaign to get rid of non-electric cars.

Battery Replacement Fees
While Joe Biden and his allies prop up electric vehicles and say everyoen needs to start driving them, they’ve declined to address the fees associated with replacing batteries.

Sure, the batteries of electric vehicles can be charged up – assuming that charging stations nearby work – but, at some point, the battery itself will need to be swapped out for a new one.

The rate to do this is around $20,000. That’s more than the average American saves in one year’s time. On top of this. Electric vehicles are more expensive than their gas-powered counterparts off the bat.

Democrats, nevertheless, don’t want people to know about this. In fact, one Canadian woman who went to replace her electric vehicle’s battery was shocked at the tab handed to her afterward.

In Canada, proponents of electric vehicles already claim the complete destruction of these batteries is a rare event. Though, even just one run-in with a $20,000 bill can be devastating to families.

This is especially true with the latest turn of mass inflation.

The Bottom Line
Electric vehicles are not the easy solution that Democrats across the world want people to believe. If everyone is forced to purchase electric vehicles, transportation is going to become unnecessarily difficult, all in the name of a radical climate change agenda.

Here in America, states like California and New York are still aiming to phase out non-electric car sales by 2035. Of course, these states have yet to provide any solutions to the many problems stemming from electric vehicles.