Electric Vehicle Push Hits A Snag In California

In California, Democrats are going all in to force everyone into driving electric vehicles, whether they like it or not. As it stands, the state is hard at work to ban the sales of non-electric vehicles by the time 2035 arrives.

Democrats claim this is all about saving the environment and pushing back against climate change. Though the left wing will not address issues with electric vehicles not charging, exploding in bodies of water post-hurricane, or running into problems during cold temperatures.

To further move along the crusade for mandatory electric vehicle use, California put forth Proposition 30. This would have raised taxes in order to bankroll mandatory electric vehicles.

Surprisingly, the people of California overwhelmingly voted this down.

A Clear Message to Climate Change Radicals
Climate change is a major talking point that tends to garner attention on the left. Though California voters deemed Proposition 30 to be so out of step that over 59% of the state voted against it. Just over 40% of Californians wanted to raise costs to fund electric vehicles.

In the wake of this decision, climate change radicals are not giving up.

Despite Proposition 30’s failure, the far-left Clean Air California group reiterated that “strong support” for this measure existed at a grassroots level. Clean Air California also maintains that Proposition 30 only failed because of “disinformation” and “lies” spread by the wealthy.

Interestingly enough, Proposition 30 was so unpopular that even California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) opposed it. Newsom’s opposition was somewhat surprising, given that the official Democratic Party of California was fully on board with the measure.

According to Newsom, Proposition 30 was little more than an attempted “tax grab” from rideshare companies.

It’s Not Over Yet
California’s Proposition 30 may have failed. Though it would be remiss to think this is the end of the push to force Americans into driving electric vehicles. California is far from the only state that is working to outlaw non-electric vehicle sales next decade.

If there is any hope of stopping this part of the radical climate change agenda, it will have to occur at the grassroots level.

This will be most challenging in blue states where Democrats are largely running things. Though in red states and purple states, fighting back against radical climate activism may come with less difficulty.