Warren’s New Narrative on “Price Gouging” Has Ulterior Motive

Just about everyone in America can agree that inflation is rising and causing serious problems in the lives of everyday people.

However, where things begin to take a turn is on perceived views of inflation. Republicans have pointed to federal spending levels, money printing, and other similar policies as the root causes of inflation.

Democrats, on the other hand, continue to point the finger at so-called price gouging, COVID, and even the president of Russia.

Left-wing officials, such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), insist that corporations are just being greedy and unfairly raising their prices.

Not only is this not accurate, but this narrative also comes with an ulterior motive that Americans should understand.

The Truth About the “Price Gouging” Narrative
Warren is truly riding this wave, even going as far as to submit the Price Gouging Prevention Act of 2022. This legislation, if it passes Congress, will end up controlling the prices that companies are able to charge for gas.

There’s a huge problem with this, though. Companies aren’t just rising their prices for the fun of it. Prices are increasing because gas is getting harder and more expensive to come upon.


Therefore, if a bill passes that stops companies from keeping prices in alignment with acquisition costs, they will eventually be forced out of the market. This would mean no gas for the general public. However, this is what Democrats have said they want.

Biden himself recently claimed that as gas prices skyrocket, Americans are going through a transition that will lead to no more reliance on fossil fuels.

In a nutshell, the crisis with gas costs is being used by Democrats so they can usher in wind turbines, electric vehicles, and other subpar forms of energy.

The Solution to Lowering Gas Costs
Anti-price gouging legislation without suppliers having more abundant access to resources will eventually cut everything off. Oil companies can’t sell gas at low rates when their acquisition costs are growing by the week.

If Warren and other Democrats were serious about bringing down prices, they’d be working to fix the supply chain, for starters.


When it comes to gas prices, the Biden administration and Democrats could easily reduce these costs by reopening Keystone XL pipeline and allowing oil and gas lease sales to go through.

The federal government has been clear it has no interest or willingness to take any of these measures. It would ultimately work against the Democrat Party’s long game of taking out oil, fossil fuels, and other forms of natural energy.