Elon Musk and Jordan Peterson Defend Russell Brand From Leftist Media Attacks

After seeing two major British newspapers rage against comedian and YouTube personality Russell Brand within days of each other, billionaire Elon Musk and clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson jumped into the fray this week in Brand’s defense.

The Independent fired the first series of volleys with an article titled, “Russell Brand is the new Joe Rogan,” comparing him to the wildly popular Spotify host who has drawn the left’s ire of late. The piece accuses Brand of “peddling conspiracy theories” without citing a single example of a specific conspiracy that he promotes.

In a statement that nailed the truth much more than The Independent likely intended, the paper bemoaned how so many people are “disillusioned” with the mainstream media and yearn for “open, defiant skepticism.”

You think?

It was just two days later when The Telegraph penned its own diatribe against Brand in a piece titled, “How Russell Brand became the ‘Mad Hatter’ of conspiracy theories.” Again, no mention of an exact conspiracy theory he is spreading.

Against this vague wave of fuzzy accusations, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk took it upon himself to stand up for Brand. Musk, who said he watched Russell’s videos, tweeted that he finds the comedian and YouTuber to be “more balanced and insightful than those condemning him.”

Musk goes on to criticize large media companies as engaging in “groupthink” and says there should be “more dissent.”

In his defense of Brand, Canadian clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson referenced a quote by Italian fascist Benito Mussolini. It says, “An appalling union of large corporations, media agencies and government,” before asking what Mussolini called that combination–a clear reference to fascists dictating what can and cannot be said.

Brand recorded a rebuttal to the British newspapers’ condemnation that has more than 630,000,000 YouTube views. In it he defended his work by noting his channel is not a news outfit, does not send out journalists and instead looks at news and analyzes it. He adds that he never states anything “that can’t be backed up.”

Kudos to Musk and Peterson for rallying behind a source of information that is not bought and paid for and espousing one point of view. Big Media howls when they see someone getting more attention and respect than they are accustomed to commanding, which these days means just about everyone.