Elon Musk Cracks Jokes At Mainstream Media For Woke Brainwashing

Elon Musk had a fantastic weekend cracking jokes at CBS News and The New York Times. CBS embarrassed itself Friday when it left Twitter only to resurface less than two days later. Likewise, The New York Times is on the same path of embarrassment after their editorial board’s reaction to Donald Trump’s 2024 candidacy announcement.

Leave it to mainstream media news outlets to throw fearful hissy fits over Elon Musk’s massive Twitter takeover. CBS news stopped posting content on Twitter this past Friday because of the “uncertainty” under the new CEO. In their afternoon statement on Friday, they declared they would continue to monitor the platform at this time.

Like the rest of us Twitter addicts, CBS could not handle the pause for long. Just hours after Musk reinstated former President Donald Trump on Sunday morning, CBS News made its great return! Their tweet indicated that they would return to Twitter after a long pause and actively monitor the “situation.”

Musk had great fun with CBS News replying with the laughing hand-over-face emoji and stating, “They should bring Walter Cronkite back.” Later on Sunday, he responds to the news outlet again with a Brokeback Mountain emoji and the caption, “Our love will never die.” The best part has to be Musk’s photoshopped face into the meme.

The New York Times also got to enjoy some of Musk’s satire on Sunday. After the company’s editorial board reacted poorly to Trump’s candidacy announcement for 2024 with an article claiming that “America deserves better than Donald Trump,” journalist Matt Taibbi responded with an untrue suggestion. Taibbi included references in his Tweet to older NYT articles about the alleged Trump- Russia collusion.

Musk, loving the restored freedom on Twitter, responded by calling out the New York Times for failing and boring far-left brainwashing. Musk’s satire is best when he tweets, “The boring part is truly unforgivable!”