Elon Musk Shreds Biden’s Disastrous Build Back Better Agenda

Unfortunately for the country, America is dealing with a crisis where our president is disconnected and delusional. Joe Biden continues to tell lies so brazenly and so demonstrably false that it’s impossible not to wonder what world he’s living in.

Towards the end of last month, Biden claimed his administration prioritizes jobs and businesses. Yet, Biden may be the worst president of employment and businesses since Jimmy Carter was in office.

Businesses face labor shortages due to Biden’s medical mandates and paying Americans not to work. Jobs also have less and less ability to allow Americans to live comfortably due to rising prices and inflation.

Now, Biden aims to pass Build Back Better, yet another spending bill that will hurt jobs, businesses, and other parts of the country. Despite the 46th president’s disconnect and delusions, there are still some people who can see what’s happening here.

According to TheBlaze, CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, falls into this category.

Last month, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy spoke for eight hours and 32 minutes about the multitude of issues associated with Biden’s pending legislation.

In a shorter version, Elon Musk has drawn attention to the problems going on here. During a summit with The Wall Street Journal, Musk pointed out that America’s current deficit is “insane” and doesn’t need any more spending added to it.

Furthermore, the CEO of Tesla noted that bad things would transpire if the federal government kept spending like it’s nothing. Musk explained there is no pressing need for matters like a tax credit of $7,500 or the expansion of electric vehicle charging funds.

Elon Musk also stated that he believes Build Back Better should pass Congress. The CEO then advised Capitol Hill to “can” the legislation altogether.

Progressives Democrats are in all to pass the Build Back Better Act. The House of Representatives already approved the legislation, thus sending it over to the Senate.

Sen. Joe Manchin, a key vote Democrat, has expressed similar reservations amid the even divide in the chamber as Musk did. Manchin stated he’s a bit iffy about the impact of the bill’s spending, given the present state of the economy.

The West Virginia senator likewise went on record to claim some modifications would need to be made to satisfy him. At this time, Americans will have to wait and see what comes next with the Build Back Better Act.