Eric Adams Making Waves Across The Country With His Proposals

Say what you want about New York City’s new Mayor Eric Adams, but the guy is coming in to make changes for the good. Former Mayor Bill de Blasio took the pandemic to the extreme and made a promotional video for New York City with dancing and a weird speech that he made that made you feel embarrassed for him. It should be included in the most cringe videos of 2021.

Adams promised to bring back policing to New York City and take on the criminal nature of the city and pledged to avoid shutting down the city to combat COVID-19. Adams noted in his inaugural speech that the city had been through a “continual crisis” over the past several years, basically calling out de Blasio for his failed policies in the city.

Adams is a former police officer who won on the Democrat ticket running to strengthen the police force, fight crime, and rebuild the city. He promised, “This will be our New Year’s resolution: We will not be controlled by crises.”

Though Adams keeps the COVID-19 vaccine mandate in place, a group of restaurant owners is suing the city because of the mandates. Across the country, there’s a push to get rid of the mandates due to the loss of business and employees, and it’s an authoritarian move that’s not good for any community.

It’s interesting to see New York City change from the Black Lives Matter riots of 2020 to elect a former police officer mayor. Still, it’s a move that shows the entire country turning around and rejecting radical Democrat policies.

Adams isn’t going to have it easy. Crimes are way up in the city, with shootings, murders, and auto grand larceny doubled, and murder has risen 50% since 2019 as of December 5. Felony assault is up overall over 9%, with many people having concerns over the city’s future and living there.

Adams’ other issue is mending the relationship between the mayor’s office and the police department. De Blasio made use of his time as mayor, using the police force as his chauffeur for him and his family, and is refusing to pay $320,000 of taxpayer’s money back for the expense.

New York City had a stricter lockdown than other places, primarily due to de Blasio’s lockdown measures. There was a perfect concoction of Andrew Cuomo as Governor of New York and a radical Democrat mayor that enjoyed using his authority against the public in the name of health unless there was a riot or protest. De Blasio was out in the streets painting “Defund The Police” outside of Trump Tower, proving that he used his political power against former President Donald Trump.

Then, there’s New York City’s unemployment rate. It’s more than double the national average, and the COVID-19 vaccine mandate is the reason that it’s so high. Not only does a vaccine mandate keep people from finding employment, but it negatively affects the Black American community across the country.

Adams has a lot to do, but he’s making solid waves across the country for the Democrat mayor who’s willing to make changes in a sizable Democrat-run city.