Eric Swalwell’s Disney Take Shows He is the Dumbest Member of Congress

Rep. Eric Swalwell historically does not have good judgment. Somehow, he is still in Congress even though he was compromised by one of the most obvious honeypots ever. Chinese spy Fang Fang fled the country after authorities began to look at her as an intelligence asset of China. Swalwell has been surprisingly pro-China in his stances ever since.

He once tweeted out that the word woman is not in the Constitution with fake outrage about feminist ideals. The word man is not in there either by the way. It’s a person or citizen for the most part. He once suggested that a war would break out between the government and proponents of the 2nd Amendment.

There are so many things wrong with this, but nukes on American soil is the most egregious of them. Clearly, Swalwell fires his mouth off before thinking. Which brings us to the Florida controversy. The State Legislature of Florida passed the Parental Rights in Education law.

This law prohibits talking about all sexual topics with very young children. The media, and the Democrat establishment mis-dentify the bill as the ‘don’t say gay’ bill. The argument is that it prevents teachers from discussing gay issues with kindergartners. The fallacy in the argument is that it bans all sexual topics because of the sensible view that parents don’t want other people talking to their kids about these issues because they are not age-appropriate.

Disney came out guns blazing against the bill but did not look at the polling where even democrats think these topics are not age-appropriate. The Florida legislature stripped Disney of its special tax status and Swalwell tweeted this gem.

No one is attacking gay people with the bill and Mickey Mouse is a fictional character. Disney got its exemption by playing the political game well. When they ended up playing the political game badly, they paid the price. Disney’s woke stance is pandering to a small but vocal segment of its supporters. A large majority of parents just want their kindergartners to learn the basics, not learn about their teacher’s sex life. Swalwell keeps on picking the wrong side of every argument.