Escapee Charged With Murder in Officer’s Death

Casey White made a daring escape from an Alabama jail earlier this year aided by former correctional officer Vicki White. Now he faces a felony murder charge in the death of the officer along with first-degree escape.

After an exhaustive manhunt that captured the nation’s attention, the pair were found in Evansville, Indiana. Following a brief chase their car was rammed into a ditch, and his jailhouse romantic partner apparently committed suicide.

The two were not related, and investigators say the intricate plan to spring 38-year-old Casey White loose was months in the making. Vicki White, 56, is believed to have carried on a relationship with Casey White for two years.

Police say she took the inmate from the northwest Alabama jail under false pretenses and they made their getaway. She told coworkers that she was taking him for a mental health evaluation.

Lauderdale County district attorney Chris Connolly said in a statement that the grand jury handed down the felony murder charge. This may be levied when a death happens during commission of another crime, whether the fatality was unintentional or accidental.

The intent to commit the original crime is all that’s needed for the indictment. Esports note the felony murder charge relating to a suicide, however, is rare or even unprecedented.

Investigators believe Vicki White did shoot herself on May 9, and there is evidence to back up that conclusion. Audio from a 911 call from inside the pair’s car as they fled from police supports the position that her gunshot wound was self-inflicted.

The coroner ruled her death a suicide.

The audio captured moments both before and after the crash, and a person on the scene audibly said, “she’s got her finger on the trigger.”

His attorney said a plea of not guilty will be entered, and there will be a number of pretrial motions filed. One will request Vicki White’s autopsy results.

Casey White is being held in state prison in Bessemer, Alabama, and he was served the murder warrant there. He also faces a capital murder charge in the 2015 killing of Connie Ridgeway. He had been serving a 75-year prison sentence when he escaped.