Everything Don Lemon Says In This CNN Segment On Biden And Afghanistan Is Fake

You might think after Donald “Literally Hitler” Trump stepped down in January, CNN anchor Don Lemon would cool it. But as the Western powers learned in the ‘40s from the actual Hitler, appeasement never placates propagandists. It merely encourages them.

And Don Lemon is a propagandist, to be sure. Who could disagree with that? It’s okay to be an opinion journalist, but opinion journalism masquerades as viewpoint-neutral reporting on CNN and other mainstream media outlets more than ever before.

And big surprise, left-of-center journalists like Don Lemon dominate this ever more agenda-driven and biased, ever more insular, news industry bubble. Things are much worse now in 2021 with mainstream news than they were five years ago when more than half of professional journalists worked in counties that Hillary Clinton won by 30% or more.

Can there be any wonder why 65% of Americans trusted news media anchors like Don Lemon in the 1980s, while today’s public trust in mainstream media has cratered to 32%?

His first sleight of hand is to absolve every White House administration of the follies and horrors of the war in Afghanistan, which is your first clue. The one he’s carrying the water for is the one that bears the blame for gross incompetence in overseeing the withdrawal from the region.

Lemon and his scriptwriters at CNN want you to forget about the past because that’s where Americans will find Obama’s Afghan troop surge to 100,000 in theater by the middle of his presidency. That’s where voters will see years of the Democrat White House’s efforts in Afghanistan, years and trillions of dollars that have ended this way.

Don Lemon says that there should be no accountability for Obama Administration officials or the former president, not even in the public’s eyes.

But here’s the CNN guy’s big lie from the segment:

“And so I think the administration is getting beaten up on this a little bit too much because there’s a lot of blame to go around from four different presidents, and who didn’t have the guts to get us out of Afghanistan, because they were afraid of this moment, and what an exit might look like.”

That fake news is a lie. The previous administration tied Biden’s hands, which had negotiated peace with the Taliban and the withdrawal. Donald Trump is the president that had the guts to make it happen, delivering on his landmark 2016 foreign policy speech, calling the nation-building and regime change policies of Obama a failure.