“Exceptional”: The ‘F Joe Biden’ Just Made It To The ALCS

We have been hearing ‘F Joe Biden’ chants for some time now, whether at the seasonal games or Biden’s rallies. While the chant has erupted in places all over the country, it has also gone international to a massive anti-vaccine protest held in Rome. It has turned into a chant of those protesting against the mandates, including NYC and the Boeing Protest in Washington State. 

The chant has been so widely used now that it has become more acceptable in a relatively more sociable clause, “Let’s go, Brandon.” It took this form when Kelli Stavast of NBC was faced by the ‘F Joe Biden’ chant at the NASCAR Race and later claimed that the crowd was chanting ‘Let’s go Brandon’ to cheer on the winner of the race Brandon Brown. People have since adopted the ‘Let’s go, Brandon,’ turning it back on the media and a more polite version of ‘F Joe Biden.’ The new chant has received a great deal of media attention and has even made it to the sky of the Auburn Football game as a banner and even at a Trump rally. 

But the ‘F Joe Biden’ chant has made its return at the ALCS game show live between the Houston Astros and the Red Sox. The rowdy Red Sox crowd started with chants against the Fox Pundit Alex Rodriguez for his time with the Yankees and chanted ‘Yankees Suck’ which later turned into more aggressive ‘F Joe Biden’ which was surprisingly not beeped at all for the broadcast which muffled Burke, and he could only wonder as to what went wrong that the Chants were becoming so aggressive. 

Massachusetts, an intensely blue state from where Biden won by a lot, is not in complete remorse for Biden and the incredibly low hit polls are proof that the people have lost all love for Biden. While Biden has acknowledged those were chanting ‘F Joe Biden,’ he has done absolutely nothing to fix the matters that make people chant so widely, so I guess we can expect the chants to continue.