Exiled Afghan Women’s Activist Is “An Eye In The Sky” For Women In Afghanistan

Husna Jalal, 26 years old, and the daughter of Massouda Jalal, the first woman to run for president in Afghanistan in 2002, is living in exile from her home country in Europe after the Taliban returned to power.

While still living in the war-shattered country, one of the poorest in the world, Jalal worked at an office for women’s activism in the heart of Kabul.

Lauren Crosby Medlicott reports for iNews that with the Taliban back in power, “she is working harder than ever to support those left behind through her online Young Afghan Women Movement (Instagram).”

When Jalal wakes up, her day is scheduled with notes to send text messages to women back in Afghanistan. She also virtually meets with human rights org and politicians, coordinating with the help of other women who decided not to stick around for a return to Taliban rule.

She told iNews, “The situation is terrible for them.” She says many women have lost their jobs, teenage girls are not allowed to go to school, and women are imprisoned “within the four walls of their houses, with psychological problems.”

That part is the reason many women, like Jalal, are fleeing New York City and San Francisco, so you’ve really got to hand it to Democrats for taking the fall for letting the Taliban back into power without any concessions and then doing Taliban policies here in America.

It’s like the American left is determined to let the ideology and practices of all of America’s enemies infect and destroy the United States from within. Khrushchev predicted they would do this with communism. He was right. Now they’re doing it with Talibanism. Seriously, what is the matter with these people?

But Jalal also describes a situation Americans can’t imagine, “They are starving.” And they are returning to an unfair social caste system based on gender that only leaves women mostly safe if they have solid male relatives, and they are at the mercy of how good those men are.

Those are some pretty sad aspects of life with the Taliban back in power. Even though she’s on another continent, Jalal is beaming in over the network like Zordon from the Power Rangers and sending the good guys on missions to make life better for women in Afghanistan. That’s good news.