Extraterrestrials May Walk Among Us, Harvard Researchers Propose

In a thought-provoking study, researchers from Harvard University’s Human Flourishing program have suggested that aliens might be living on Earth, disguised as humans, or even inhabiting a secret base within the Moon. The paper, which has yet to undergo peer review, delves into the concept of “cryptoterrestrials” and presents an alternative explanation for the numerous sightings of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) or UFOs.

The researchers hypothesize that these mysterious flying objects could be spaceships visiting their Earth-based alien companions, who may be concealing their presence using various methods. The study explores four primary theories regarding the potential existence of cryptoterrestrials living in close proximity to humans.

The first theory proposes that remnants of a technologically advanced ancient human civilization, largely destroyed in the distant past, may have persisted and continued to exist in hidden form. The second theory suggests that a technologically advanced non-human civilization, consisting of an evolved terrestrial animal species, such as an ape-like hominid descendant or intelligent dinosaurs, may be living in stealth, possibly underground.

The third theory posits that cryptoterrestrials could be extraterrestrial or extratempestrial beings who arrived on Earth from elsewhere in the universe or from the human future, respectively, and have concealed themselves, possibly within the Moon. The fourth and most unconventional theory, dubbed “magical Cryptoterrestrials,” proposes the existence of entities more akin to “earthbound angels,” such as fairies, elves, or nymphs, that interact with the human world in magical, rather than technological, ways.

While the researchers acknowledge that some of their theories, particularly the notion of elves, may be challenging for many people to accept, they emphasize the importance of considering unconventional explanations for the perplexing phenomena of UAP sightings. The study aims to encourage scientific openness and further investigation into the possibility of non-human intelligence existing alongside humans on Earth.