Facebook ‘Fact-Checks’ Reports On FBI’s ‘Deadly Force’ Authorization In Trump Raid

Facebook has begun using “fact-checkers” to counter media reports critical of the FBI’s authorization of “deadly force” during the 2022 raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. The platform labeled a report by The Federalist as “missing context” and linked to an article claiming the allegations misrepresent standard DOJ policies on the use of force.

Critics argue that raiding a former president’s home with deadly force over a records dispute is far from standard, especially when contrasted with the DOJ’s decision not to charge President Joe Biden for mishandling classified documents due to his age and poor memory.

Meanwhile, independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has claimed that Biden is a greater threat to democracy than Trump citing the administration’s alleged efforts to censor political speech and undermine the First Amendment. Kennedy pointed to his own removal from social media platforms as evidence of Biden’s attempts to stifle dissent.

Kennedy argued that Biden’s alleged weaponization of federal agencies against opponents makes him the more significant danger than anything Trump has been realistically accused of. The Democratic National Committee and several members of Kennedy’s extended family have criticized his claims and his decision to challenge Biden in the presidential race.