Fake Video Of Biden Takes Off, But The Real One Was Bad Enough

We all know how divorced from reality Biden is. In his attempts to honor Christopher Dodd while dedicating the Human Rights Wing to him at the University of Connecticut, Biden blurted that one can determine how someone treats people by the way they treat waiters or waitresses. If you are someone with a good memory, you would know it was entirely wrong to say. All of America remembers Dodd for physically assaulting a waitress back in 1985.

It is not the only weird thing Biden said. He also had some comments to make on the children of Hartford child care center and was heckled by folks of the left and right with some hate remarks, specifically with ‘F Joe Biden’ chants. While the whole trip to Connecticut was a bit of a roller coaster ride, a video went Viral of Biden acting all intense with exaggerated facial expressions.

Notice the forehead with extra arched eyebrows. It takes a while to notice that the video is an edited version, but the real one wasn’t good either. Biden did that thing where he goes closer to the mike talking softly and then says something thunderous to grasp attention. In the video, Biden said that there are fewer democracies in the world today than there were 15 years ago and then shouts, ‘Fewer. No More. Fewer. He then said that he and his administration have taken on the responsibility to make human rights the center of his foreign policy and revived the UN Human Rights Council, which is tainted with Abusers with the likes of Christopher Dodd; he is now appointed as the Head.

We truly are struggling to see what Biden has done so far to ensure the sustenance of Democracy in our Nation. We know that our president likes to address the nation from a fake oval office and says just about anything, no matter the context.