Father Kills His Six-Week Old Baby

An NYC resident was sentenced to prison for 12 years after he pleaded guilty to throwing his six week old son onto the ground, which ultimately killed the baby. As reported by WPIX, Christian Rodriguez, 27, pleaded guilty to manslaughter as a result of the tragic crime.

In 2019, Rodriguez reportedly threw the young baby — named ‘Aiden’ — onto the ground when the baby wouldn’t stop crying.

At first, Rodriguez told the police he had accidentally pounded his baby’s head into the bedroom door frame. Rodriguez said that he was ‘trying to maneuver the baby stroller into the bedroom when Aiden banged his head on the frame’. As per the criminal complaint, Rodriguez later confessed that he got furious and felt frustrated, throwing Aiden to the ground, which eventually led to the baby’s death.

Rodriguez and his baby had just returned from the baby’s grandmother’s nearby apartment. When Aiden was brought to the Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx, he had no pulse. The CT scan showed that the child suffered multiple skull fractures, multiple brain hemorrhages, bruising on both sides of the head and a “3 mm midline shift in the child’s brain,” according to court records.

Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark commented that the defendant’s newborn baby was crying, and that instead of comforting the baby, the defendant threw him to the ground, resulting in the baby’s death. Christian Rodriguez’s actions were unfair and violent, and unimaginable to any parent.

Christian Rodriguez, a father of four, was also involved in an incident like this in the past as well with his another child. In 2015, he pleaded guilty to a felony involving one of his kids, where his 3 month old baby endured two black eyes, according to prosecutor Astrid Borgstett. The child had swelling and bruises around the face and nose.

After his 12 year prison sentence, Christian Rodriguez will also face 5 years of post-release supervision. There is no doubt that parenting is hard, but violence is definitely NOT the solution.