Fauci Announces Retirement Plans For December 2022

Since Dr. Anthony Fauci joined the White House team as a COVID-19 adviser, he’s been a controversial figure.

Many Americans take issue with Fauci’s tendency to flip-flop on a variety of matters pertaining to COVID-19. Initially, Fauci stated there was no reason for Americans to wear face masks. Later, he completely shifted gears, saying people should and must wear face masks.

Aside from flip-flopping on COVID-19 mitigation strategies, much of the country charged Fauci with being dishonest about the National Institutes of Health funding gain-of-function research.

This is an issue that Fauci repeatedly clashed with Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) over. At one point, Paul even announced that he reported Fauci to the Department of Justice for lying under oath.

On Monday, though, Fauci announced he’s going to step down from government work in December.

What to Know About Fauci’s Upcoming Retirement
In a public statement, the medical adviser confirmed that he won’t be working for the White House or for the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in December. Fauci explained he’s going to instead go after the “next chapter” that’s waiting for him.

Previously, the COVID-19 White House advisor spoke about retiring after Joe Biden’s current term ended. Although he walked back these claims shortly thereafter.

For now, it remains unclear what truly motivated Fauci to leave his jobs working for the federal government. Nevertheless, he claims to be proud of the work he’s done in the healthcare field for decades on end.

Fauci also expressed how glad he is to have worked for the Biden administration specifically.

Reactions From the General Public
The news of Fauci’s retirement now being months away fell across partisan lines, as many people might expect.

Democrats sang Fauci’s praises, talked about how great they think he is, and said he’d be missed.

Republicans, on the other hand, largely expressed that Fauci wouldn’t be missed. Learning that he’s leaving the federal government within a matter of months nonetheless came as a relief to many conservatives, as they expressed via social media.

GOP lawmakers stated weeks ago that if the party regains control of the Senate, investigating Fauci and his oversight of COVID-19 is going to be a top priority. Many elected Republicans, to this day, believe Fauci’s behavior could very well warrant criminal charges.