Fauci Has Officially Gotten Beside Himself

Growing numbers of Americans are getting sick of Anthony Fauci. The past two years have shown that Fauci is anything but an objective health official or reliable scientific voice.

As unfortunate as this is, Fauci is nothing more than a bureaucrat who has demonstrated troubling delusions of grandeur. During an interview not too long ago, Fauci dared to declare himself a representation of science himself.

Then, in a genuinely narcissistic fashion, Fauci professed that when conservatives “attack” him, what they’re doing is “attacking” science. Fauci’s egomaniacal disposition is nauseating.

However, his new comments this week have genuinely shown just how unhinged Fauci has become, as documented by Twitchy.

Earlier in the week, Fauci stated individuals who plan to gather with their families should only do so with relatives who have been vaccinated against COVID. That’s not all, though. Fauci also stated that relatives should require one another to present proof of vaccination before allowing them into their homes for the holidays.

Rhetoric like this truly demonstrates the extent to which Fauci has lost his mind. Fauci believes that he is above us and can bark out orders that other people must follow. Despite the delusions of this so-called “health official,” he has no right to order that people show vaccination proof to be with their families for Christmas.

It is part of a pattern for Fauci, though. He has never once crossed paths with a single COVID mandate he did not like or that he believed went too far. Fauci’s admission supports a mandate that forces individuals to show vaccination papers before flying domestically.

Like other petty tyrants, Fauci has no limits. This sad individual must be rejected each time he crosses the line.

With the backing of Fauci, the Biden administration is seeking to impose biomedical fascism on Americans. It explains why Biden keeps implementing COVID vaccination mandates for millions of workers, businesses, and federal contractors.

One positive sign in the fight against biomedical fascism is the series of federal judges who have stopped Biden’s medical mandates with injunctions. It is undoubtedly a step in the right direction. However, the fight is far from over.

Now, more than ever, Americans should be with their families, friends, and loved ones for the holidays and Christmas regardless of whether they are vaccinated or not.