FBI, Denver Police Tackle Threats Against Anti-Trump Judges

In response to escalating tensions, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Denver Police Department have joined forces to investigate reports of threats against Colorado Supreme Court justices. The alleged threats emerged following the court’s controversial decision last week to disqualify President Trump from the state’s presidential ballots next year.

The effort comes as law enforcement agencies at both federal and local levels said they intend to follow through on their commitment to ensure the safety of members of the judiciary. In the last week, reports have surfaced that the majority of the Colorado court who ruled that Trump is ineligible to serve as president due to the “insurrection clause” of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution have become targets of what are described as actionable threats.

In an official statement, the Denver Police Department emphasized the ongoing nature of the investigations, noting that they are “currently investigating incidents directed at Colorado Supreme Court justices.” As a result, the department said the specifics of the investigation will remain confidential for the time being due to considerations of safety and privacy.

The Denver police are also reportedly providing extra patrols around the justices’ residences in the city.

A nonpartisan but liberal nonprofit research group, Advance Democracy, initially revealed allegations of violent online rhetoric from what they claimed to be Trump supporters. The claimed backlash targeted the specific justices and Democrats more broadly shortly after the court’s decision was issued last week.

A report from NBC News cited by Advance Democracy reported that the names of the four justices signing off on the court’s decision have since become frequent subjects in posts on pro-Trump online forums, with some allegedly calling for the disclosure of the judges’ personal information.

The group has also claimed that there have been some explicit calls for violence against the justices and other of Trump’s opponents. Advance Democracy claimed there had been disturbingly graphic language and suggested acts involving guns, hangings, or bombs used by some as-yet-unidentified online posters. The group further claims that some online users have urged followers to stock up on weapons and propose a “civil war against Democrats.”

The FBI acknowledged the situation and their partnership with local law enforcement in a public statement. The agency stated its commitment to “vigorously pursue investigations of any threat or use of violence” driven by extremist views, regardless of the motivation behind such actions.