FBI Jill Sanborn Was Unable To Answer Ted Cruz’s Question Because She’s Either “Lying” Or “Unprepared”

Senator Ted Cruz destroyed the narrative that Ray Epps wasn’t involved in the January 6 Capitol Riot when Jill Sanborn with the FBI testified in a Senate Hearing. The common theme of the hearing was “I cannot answer that question.”

Sanborn was asked several questions that she refused to answer. There’s one thing to not comment on an open investigation, but to cover up information is another thing. Sanborn was asked how many FBI agents or informants participated in the January 6 Capitol Riot, and she said that she couldn’t go into the specifics. In the months after the January 6 Capitol Riot, there’s an expectation of privacy within the investigation. Still, we’re over a year after the incident, and there should be some answers from the FBI. It’s funny that the federal government wants to complain about conspiracy theorists but puts no effort into being transparent with the American people. They’re creating the speculation that they claim to be misinformation.

Cruz then got broader. Cruz asked if any FBI informants or FBI agents participated in the January 6 Capitol Riots, and Sanborn said she couldn’t answer that question either.

Understandably, a specific number of agents or informants would be more information than is necessary for this particular instance, but if the FBI can’t confirm that any agents or informants were involved in the January 6 Capitol Riot. That’s information that the public deserves to know after over a year of speculation inside and outside government officials.

This idea that citizens are out to get the government is false. Citizens want to be left alone and want their government to stay out of their lives. There are very few citizens who wish to overthrow the government. Far more citizens want the government to work how it’s supposed to, and they get upset when it appears that it’s not.

However, more politicians are out to get the government than you can imagine. Everyone is gunning for the top spot, and they all go after each other until one gets it, then they suck up to them. That’s the actual insurrection in the United States and across the world.

Cruz then asked if any FBI agents or informants committed crimes or violence on January 6, to which Sanborn said, “I can’t answer that, sir.”

Can’t answer that? That should be the most straightforward question to answer. A simple yes or no would do. If the answer is yes, fire the agent or stop using the informant. If no, then say no. There’s not a complicated facade that needs to be kept a secret.

It is why Americans are upset. There’s no transparency anywhere in government. When hearing occurs, rarely, but they do. The testifying people aren’t being honest and upfront in their answers. When there’s no accountability for lying to Congress, it’s not going to stop.

Sanborn also said that she knew who Ray Epps was but couldn’t answer questions about him. Sanborn doesn’t seem prepared for the hearing or intentionally withhold information.