Federal COVID Funding Has Led To Lower Standards Of Medical Care

Changes in federal law and administrative regulations led to lowered standards of care in American hospitals dependent on federal COVID funding and the loss of multiple patient lives, according to admissions made by treating hospital systems.

The CARES Act provides hospitals with all manner of bonus funding for testing, diagnoses, admissions, vaccinations, and deaths related to COVID-19. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has also waived various patient rights in the name of the pandemic. The combination has altered routine medical care in a deadly way.

American COVID patients have found prisoners inside hospitals subjected to uniform treatment protocols designed to ration and control care.

Newly reported audio recordings reveal discussion among executives with an Arizona hospital about lowered standards of care, including coordinated restrictions on patient visitations. Most families of COVID patients have been intentionally deprived of accurate or complete information about the care being provided to their loved ones.

Texas Attorney Jerri Ward told reporters that CMS had granted federal patient rights law waivers to hospitals in that state. The releases allow hospitals to deny access to medical records and seclude patients from family, friends, or representatives.

Ward said that the rights being affected do not arise from hospitals or CMS and “cannot be waived.” She said the waivers are intended to isolate and control patients and to circumvent decision-making by informed consent by patients or their proper representatives.

She also pointed out that the CARES Act creates perverse incentives for hospitals to make care decisions based on federal directives rather than patient consent. The law effectively creates “bounties” that must be paid back to the government if not “earned.”

The law provides PCR tests for every ER patient, bonuses for every positive COVID-19 diagnosis, and COVID-19 hospital admissions. Hospitals receive a 20 percent bonus payment from Medicare on total billing when Remdesivir is used instead of other medications, including Ivermectin. A larger bonus is paid when patients are placed on ventilators. Another compensation is paid to hospitals when COVID-19 is listed on death certificates as the cause of death, regardless of how a patient dies. Even coroners get a bonus payment in COVID-19 cases.

There is an economic maxim regarding government spending that says whatever you subsidize, and you will get more of. With hospital systems around the country under significant economic stress, it is no surprise that the conditions attached to vast amounts of government money are complied with.