Fiery Exchange Erupts On Fox News Regarding Vaccine Mandates

On Tuesday, a fiery exchange erupted on Fox News’ “The Faulkner Focus” regarding the possibility of COVID-19 vaccine mandates for American children.

On the segment, host Harris Faulkner tried to mediate the conversation between American Conservative Union leader Matt Schlapp and radical Ohio Democrat Desiree Tims.

Tims began by defending American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten, a partisan activist who worked tirelessly to keep schools closed.

“I do think Randi is absolutely correct in that Washington Post article that this is not a red states versus blue states matter,” she began.

“However, that being said we were in a global pandemic, and parents rightfully as well as different educators and different policies kept their children home from COVID which at the time we didn’t know about this virus,” Tims continued. “We know bodies were dropping left and right and refrigerator trucks were filling the streets of New York.”

At that, Faulkner interrupted him.

“Wait, you make it sound like we had a choice,” said Faulkner.

Tims then continued his statement, trying to downplay the drastic consequences of school closures on the education of American children.

“We absolutely did not have a choice but to keep our children home and better yet, the story is not how many children died during COVID because we shoved them into classrooms,” Tims said. “We know that the COVID spread is very, very real so yeah.”

“It’s something we have to fix, but it was a pandemic, a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” Tims went on. “I have faith in our children’s ability to climb back to the top.”

Schlapp finally got into the fray at that point, speaking of his experience with school closures.

“As the father of five daughters who went through this intimately as parents did across the country, our schools were shut and my kids go to Catholic schools,” Schlapp said. “The state told them they also had to shut, but then they started to push back when they realized kids weren’t dying from the virus as was feared in the beginning.”

The conversation devolved quickly from there, with Tims interrupting Schlapp to push COVID-19 vaccines on children.

At this point, Faulkner asked, “Are you a doctor?”

It was Schlapp who got the last word.

“Even the CDC says they are not saying it should be a mandate for kids to be vaccinated,” he told Tims. “Those vaccines are not approved for kids.”

“It is wrong for you to say that,” he concluded.