Fired Best Buy Whistleblower Who Exposed Anti-Christian Bias Sues

A former Best Buy employee who was terminated for revealing the company’s alleged bias against Christianity is reportedly responding with a lawsuit.

On Saturday, James O’Keefe, head of O’Keefe Media Group (OMG), posted on the platform formerly known as Twitter, “BREAKING: Best Buy has fired the whistleblower Enis Sujak @CocoWarfare who went public after exposing a manager’s ban on Christian symbols at the workplace. Enis will go on offense and bring civil rights lawsuits against Best Buy for violating the law.”

This development arises nearly a month following the release of undercover audio recordings by James O’Keefe, which were captured by Sujak. In the recordings, Sujak’s manager, Mike Hirsch, is heard expressing that endorsing LGBT culture among employees is acceptable, but endorsing Christianity is not.

According to a report by OMG, their discussion revolved around a previous incident when another employee, Athena Cruz, who serves as a well-being ambassador, was delivering a presentation about the history of the LGBT Community within the workplace.

The write-up states, “Enis Sujak decided to walk out of the session, having later stated that he doesn’t care about ‘who you sleep with.’”

Following this incident, Sujak later addressed Hirsch about this matter, inquiring why there wasn’t a similar presence of Christian-related content as there was for LGBT-related content.

“They’re not the same,” Hirsch asserted, arguing that while believing in Christianity is a matter of choice, being a member of the LGBT community is not.

Hirsch said, “You are choosing to believe in Christianity or Muslim or whatever. You choose that.”

Sujak told O’Keefe that he and Hirsch “had a very long conversation. It was like an hour, 30 minutes of him and I just going back and forth, with him telling me it was work appropriate to have all this LGBTQ stuff that’s going on in the office and everywhere else, but it’s not OK for me to be a Christian myself and have a Bible right over there or have a cross or a Quran or anything like that.”

Sujak said, “That’s not work appropriate, but having that LGBT pride flag everywhere else — that is appropriate, and I’m not standing for it.”

Additionally, numerous other Christians, many of whom have been expressing their disapproval of Best Buy on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, are pledging not to buy products from the company in the future.

A prior Best Buy whistleblower had revealed that the company operates a management training program that is not accessible to white applicants.

The company’s website says. “As part of Best Buy’s commitment to develop and support our employees who identify as Black, Indigenous or People of Color (BIPOC), we’ve partnered with McKinsey & Company to offer the McKinsey Management Accelerator program.”

The website explicitly specifies that the program exclusively admits individuals from Black, Hispanic and Asian backgrounds.

The website states, “The McKinsey Management Accelerator program focuses on professional career development by customizing its curriculum and discussions to the unique situations, experiences and opportunities of BIPOC professionals.”