Florida Democrats ‘Unintentionally Expose’ Biden’s Shortcomings

Things are not going so well for Democrats in the state of Florida. Democrats in South Florida have struggled to get candidates to run for various upcoming congressional races for quite some time.

Last year, Florida Democrats also lost the advantage of having more registered voters than Florida Republicans.

As it turns out, the pro-freedom policies of Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis have served as a beacon for people relocating to the Sunshine State. The major shift that has Republicans in Florida outnumbering Democrats shows that many new residents are red voters.

In any event, as things go from bad to worse for Florida Democrats, they’re making increasingly pitiful attempts to cast DeSantis in a bad light.

However, as covered by Twitchy, in Florida Democrats’ attempts to malign DeSantis, they just exposed the failures of Joe Biden.

At this time, Florida Democrats Nikki Fried and Charlie Crist are running to become the state’s next Governor and send DeSantis packing.

Every poll to come out shows DeSantis significantly leading every Democrat running against him. Suffice it to say, the Florida Governor’s path to re-election is relatively smooth indeed.

Nevertheless, in light of this, both Fried and Crist have attacked DeSantis for supposedly not saying what they would like for him to say regarding Putin’s attack against Ukraine. Both Florida Democrats have stated that DeSantis is somehow not standing up for democracy or speaking the truth to power.

Meanwhile, Fried and Crist didn’t realize that their censure should be directed towards Joe Biden, their party’s President.

Biden remains subservient to Putin. Even as he’s issuing various sanctions, he’s not targeting these sanctions towards places that will cause Putin and Russia to feel the impact.

In other words, Florida Democrats want DeSantis to step in and be the President that their President could never be.

These latest outbursts from Nikki Fried and Charlie Crist are just all the more reason why they’re not going to be able to oust DeSantis as the Governor of Florida.

Floridians like DeSantis, the last thing the state people want or need is a Democrat worming into the Governor’s mansion. For years, Democrats have made their visions of leadership quite clear.

These are visions that continue to be rejected both by the great people of Florida and by the United States of America at large.