Florida Gov. Hopeful Politicizes January 6 Riots With Her Best Darth Vader Impression

“You are a part of the rebel alliance and a traitor,” says the apparent villain of A New Hope even though you’re barely five minutes into the flick and don’t know his name yet or what his deal is. Okay, Nikki Fried, we get it, you watched Star Wars. However, if you try to act like the wrong people to appear powerful, you’re proving that the left can’t make memes again.

This week, Florida Agriculture Commissioner and 2022 gubernatorial candidate, Nikki Fried, announced that she had suspended six more concealed carry permits by residents who participated in the January 6 riots at the United States Capitol complex.

That brings the total number of suspended handgun carry permits over the January 6 event in the Sunshine state to 28 suspensions. I know what you’re thinking: “How is the Agriculture Secretary over handgun permits in Florida?”

I had the same question. If you want, you can search it up yourself. Still, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is the state regulatory agency over concealed handgun permit licensure.

Does that make any sense? A handgun is hardly an agricultural product. But the department is overall licensing in addition to food safety and other operations that would make sense under that heading. But leave it to the government to make any sense, right? 

Nikki Fried suspended the MAGA demonstrators’ handgun permits under a Florida rule stating, “You are not eligible for licensure if you are under arrest or currently charged with any felony, or crime punishable by imprisonment for more than one year or any crime of violence, including crimes of domestic violence.”

What she did was legal, and even what Florida statute obligates her to do as the commissioner of her department. Still, the way she did it with a tweet stoking public hatred against the demonstrators wasn’t just inappropriate governance and unseemly of a public servant responsible and dispassionately fulfilling their legal administrative duty.

She used some very controversial and highly inflammatory language to describe the now-former handgun license holders, language that could encourage vigilantes to take the law into their own hands. She called them “domestic terrorists” carrying out an “insurrection attempt” (ridiculous). She concluded, “As more charges are filed, we will continue to hold these traitors accountable.” Okay, Darth, chill.

With her careless use of words, Nikki Fried endangered these residents of violent reprisals at a time of unusually high political antagonism, and crisis levels of severe mental health breakdowns peppered randomly throughout a population of 300 million people (with over 21 million of them living in Florida). And while publicly announcing that the state will not permit them to carry firearms for their defense.

Fried’s election season showboating featured some of the most inflammatory rhetoric bandied by deep state employees, politicians, journalists, and parrots in the wake of January 6, rhetoric calculated to sow division, escalate violent politician tensions in this country, and most of all, calculated to smear, marginalize, and turn every day, non-violent, freedom-loving, patriotic Americans into a permanent criminal caste to suffer generations of systemic abuse at the hands of the elites who run the government and the corporations that back it.