Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Lays The Smackdown On Fake News

For just about two years now, the left-wing mainstream media has been against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. They resent the Republican governor for being such an exceptional leader that thousands of people flock to his state to become residents.

Likewise, the leftist press doesn’t like that DeSantis won’t kowtow to COVID restrictions and mandates. Time and time again, the governor of Florida has held the line and refused to let tyranny talk over the Sunshine State.

Last week, DeSantis announced that Florida wouldn’t be enforcing the vaccination mandate for healthcare workers that the Supreme Court allowed standing.

The Florida governor noted the nonsensical and unethical nature of firing healthcare workers (who were on the frontline during the worst times of the pandemic) merely because they didn’t want to get a vaccine.

As the leftist mainstream media becomes increasingly more desperate, they’re continuing to launch a series of attacks against his leadership on COVID. However, DeSantis is punching back, as Twitchy confirms.

During the Florida governor’s sit-down with Ruthless Podcast, he was questioned about a far-left Washington Post reporter, Eugene Robinson, who referred to his opposition against lockdowns and other senseless mandates as “criminal.”

In reaction to this, DeSantis did not mince words. The Florida governor declared that he doesn’t have a single worry at all about the views that Amazon-based “corporate shills” may have about him.

DeSantis didn’t stop there, though. In additional remarks on the Ruthless Podcast, he stated that corporate reporters are the same as operatives of the Democrat Party. It makes a lot of sense.

After all, the rhetoric from Robinson about DeSantis’ COVID responses is a dead ringer for everything that Joe Biden and other Democrats have been saying. Quite frankly, you’d think the left would come up with some new talking points by now.

The truth about leftists like the Washington Post reporter is they are terrified of DeSantis. They cannot stand the reality that the Florida governor has done so well in his statewide leadership.

Moreover, given that DeSantis’ name routinely comes up as someone who should one day run for president, Democrats are scared of the threat he could pose to their party later down the line.

The left believes that attacking the Florida governor will hurt him politically. However, this has the precise opposite impact. Every time Democrats attack Ron DeSantis for putting individual liberty over tyrannical statism, it shows just how out of touch, and radical the left has become.