Florida Heralded As Blueprint For Election Management

Across the United States, there are several election results that still remain in limbo, days after Tuesday. This is especially true for Senate and gubernatorial elections in Arizona. On Election Day, red flags went up when tabulators in Maricopa County suddenly stopped working.

Once again, this highlights the importance of elections being run effectively and securely. In America, no voter should be waiting days on end to learn the outcome of political races.

Though as Arizona and other communities struggle, Florida is being praised as the blueprint for how every state should manage its elections.

Another Win For the Sunshine State
In Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) has worked hard to ensure that elections are secure and without any irregularities. Part of this work has involved going after individuals in Florida who previously cheated in elections and holding them legally accountable.

Because of this, Florida does not have to wait days on end to learn who won elections. Fox News reporter Jesse Watters directed attention to this, pointing out the confidence and security in Florida’s management of elections.

Watters also rightfully cautioned that when people have to wait for days at a time to find out who won elections, it sows mistrust and suspicion.

The praise of Florida’s elections follows DeSantis outperforming expectations in the state and flipping blue counties, such as Miami-Dade, into red counties.

Trouble in Arizona
As Arizona takes days to figure out its election results, GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is weighing in. Like Watters, Lake is concerned about the tabulation machines in Maricopa County running out of ink and delaying the state’s ability to count votes.

Despite this, Lake is confident that she will ultimately defeat Democratic rival Katie Hobbs. Coincidentally, Hobbs just so happens to be Arizona’s secretary of state, meaning that she is responsible for conducting the state’s elections.

This, too, has been pointed out as a conflict of interest. Many Americans — both in and out of Arizona — frown upon Hobbs overseeing the management of an election in which she is a candidate.

If Arizona followed Watters’ advice and ran its elections like Florida, a lot more people would have confidence in the security of the vote. Though at the rate things are going, there is no telling when election issues across the country will be fully sorted out.