Florida Pepperoni Shop Has A Special Message For Joe Biden

Americans are altogether tired of Joe Biden. The 46th president has failed the nation time and time again. Biden’s policies repeatedly prove that he is doing everything to rip the country apart and replace the American Constitution with a communist doctrine. 

Let’s Go Brandon has become a cultural phenomenon Americans use to express their annoyance and dissatisfaction with the president. It’s also a rallying call and a PG means of conveying another way of dissing Joe Biden. 

Let’s Go Brandon is worn on t-shirts, waved on flags, and even etched into gun parts. Now, one pizza shop in Florida is also embracing Let’s Go, Brandon, as reported by TheBlaze.

In Sarasota, Florida, Solorzano Pizzeria has started creating pizzas with “FJB” or “LGB” spelled on them with pepperoni pizzas. At first, the pizza shop only managed to sell a few of these. However, as time passes and Solorzano Pizzeria has gained publicity, they’ve been getting more and more pictures. 

On Solorzano Pizzeria’s social media pages, happy customers can be seen posing with FJB and LGB pizzas. On top of that, the pizza shop claims that most online haters are folks who don’t live in Florida or even in the United States, for that matter. 

Solorzano Pizzeria isn’t afraid of boycotts, either. Professed sanctions have only led to more people who support the Let’s Go Brandon movement coming into their shop and getting an FJB or LGB pizza of their own. 

All in all, this pizza shop is holding nothing back, and they’re not letting the haters get to them. 

The success of Solorzano Pizzeria serves as just another positive development for the state of Florida. Despite the current administration in the White House right now, Florida’s been having a lot of wins. 

Recently, news broke that police officers from blue states, and blue cities are making their way to Florida to find work. Not only will these officers be treated better in the Sunshine State, but they’re also looking at higher pay rates as well. 

Not too long ago, Florida also reached the historic milestone of having more registered Republicans in the state than registered Democrats. It has never once happened in the history of Florida before. 

Like Solorzano Pizzeria, the changes happening in Florida merely solidify it as a state that values freedom, liberty, and actual American values. Let’s Go, Brandon!