Florida Sends A Clear Message To The Biden Administration

In the eyes of the oppressive and failing Biden Administration, the free state of Florida is enemy number one. The White House resents that Florida isn’t kowtowing to endless mandates and restrictions.

They loathe Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for having the bravery to stand up to Biden’s authoritarianism and protect the residents of the Sunshine State.

Earlier this month, the United States Supreme Court determined the Biden Administration overstepped its bounds in issuing a nationwide vaccination mandate for businesses that have 100 or more employees on the beat.

While the Supreme Court kicked Biden’s business vaccine mandate to the curb, they allowed his medical edict for healthcare workers to stay in place. However, on this matter, Florida just officially put the Biden Administration on notice, as LifeSiteNews points out.

The press secretary to Governor DeSantis, Christina Pushaw, did not mince words when sharing Florida’s vaccine mandate for healthcare employees.

Pushaw announced that under no circumstance will Florida be upholding the vaccine mandate that would fire healthcare workers for not getting immunized against COVID. Furthermore, the Florida governor’s press secretary informed the state wouldn’t be playing Biden’s games or being his “biomedical” police muscle.

That’s not all, though. Pushaw also criticized the insane and stupid decisions of states like California that fired unvaccinated healthcare workers while allowing healthcare workers who test positive for COVID to remain on the job.

In and of itself, it shows what these vaccine mandates are really about. They have nothing to do with health, science, or safety. The only purpose served by medical edicts is control, power, and strong-arming people into doing what the almighty government says.

Good for Governor DeSantis and the state of Florida for refusing to go along with this lunacy.

Since the Supreme Court struck down the most significant reaching mandate of the Biden Administration, many companies have acted accordingly.

Amtrak, General Electric, and other companies (including some in the medical field) are reversing the vaccine mandates they previously put in place. It is excellent news for liberty, medical freedoms, and the rights of individuals.

Florida is one of the states that launched litigation against the Biden Administration after implementing the vaccine mandates. This litigation paid off greatly for the nation and future generations.

Furthermore, it’s a testament to the reality that in the United States, freedom will always prevail over fascism.