Florida Urges Biden to Drop Vaccine Mandate After His COVID Diagnosis

The conservative-run state of Florida is fighting for medical freedom for healthcare workers.

The state is asking the Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services to reverse the absurd COVID-19 vaccine mandate that has been imposed on healthcare workers.

Secretary of the Agency for Health Care Administration Simone Marstiller blasted President Joe Biden for his dictatorial mandates that could clasp Florida’s healthcare system.

Healthcare workers are required to get the COVID shot, regardless of whether or not they want to, in order to keep their jobs. Despite most top Democrats promising the shot would prevent people from getting COVID, it does not.

Marstiller slammed Biden and said the mandate is in place even though vaccination “does not prevent transmission or symptomatic disease.”

Last week, President Biden announced that he contracted COVID-19 after electing to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, including being ‘double vaccinated, double boosted.’ The president’s diagnosis confirms the science: although the COVID-19 vaccine reduces the risk of hospitalization, it does not prevent transmission or symptomatic disease,” Marstiller wrote.

“In fact, based on published reports by the U.K. Government, the risk reduction attributed to the vaccine significantly decreases within two months of receiving a booster. Despite these incontrovertible facts, your agency continues to enforce its arbitrary “emergency” rule mandating that healthcare workers be vaccinated for COVID-19 or lose their jobs,” she continued.

The Supreme Court, unfortunately, decided to uphold the CMS mandate which caused Florida to drop its legal battle against the mandate.

It requires that healthcare workers at places involved with Medicare and Medicaid must be fully vaccinated with a vaccine that does not prevent the transmission of COVID. Over 17 million people are affected and about 76,000 healthcare facilities qualify under this mandate.

Hospitals are faced with shortages due to firing “unvaccinated” employees. A 2021 Morning Consult poll found that 1 in 5 healthcare workers quit due to the mandate. As of May 2022, the Florida Hospital Association found “that 70% of Florida hospitals are facing critical staffing shortages and the state will be short 60,000 nurses by 2035,” Politico reported.

Inflation under the Biden administration has also had a negative impact on hospitals.

As the COVID vaccine mandate rages on, employees and some politicians are still fighting to regain medical freedom.