Florida’s Health Department Spilled The Beans On mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines

Since COVID-19 vaccines first hit the market, the general public has been told they’re effective, safe, and not to be questioned. However, each of these claims continues to falter amid public scrutiny.

Despite these shots being billed as effective, anyone who takes them can still come down with COVID-19, suffer symptoms, and pass their infections on to others. Months passed before the medical community acknowledged these vaccines wouldn’t stop COVID-19 as originally promised.

Meanwhile, the notion that COVID-19 vaccines are safe and above reproach also continues to come under fire. That’s largely driven by reports of adverse reactions to these shots.

Now, the Florida Health Department is notably sounding the alarm as it pertains to mRNA COVID-19 vaccines.

A Critical Public Service Announcement
Dr. Joseph Ladapo, the surgeon general of Florida, revealed some troubling information about mRNA COVID-19 vaccines and their connection to deaths involving cardiac arrest.

According to Ladapo’s account, men between the ages of 18 and 39 experienced an 84% uptick in cardiac-involved fatalities within four weeks of taking mRNA shots. As a result of this, the Florida Health Department is advising against men within this age range taking these vaccines.

Ladapo reached this conclusion after the Florida Health Department reviewed the safety of these vaccines with a case series that is self-regulated. Data also shows that individuals with already existing cardiac health conditions should be mindful of receiving mRNA vaccines.

The Florida surgeon general ultimately stressed the importance of reviewing the security and usefulness of all medicines, including vaccines. Despite the empirical data backing up his claims, they’ve been largely censored by Twitter.

The Danger of Vaccine Mandates
Despite much success in defeating COVID-19 vaccine mandates, they still exist at some levels, such as in the military.

Joe Biden refuses to walk back his vaccine mandate, even as the CDC has finally acknowledged there’s no need to treat vaccinated individuals any differently from the unvaccinated.

Because of the data-backed updates from the Florida Health Department, vaccine mandates could very well be a death sentence for those serving in the military. This evidence is all the more reason why vaccine mandates must be defeated once and for all.