Florida’s Ron DeSantis Holds Fake News Accountable

In 2022, much of the nation has experienced just about its fill-in fake news. For years on end, the media has been lying to Americans at every possible chance.

The media lied about Trump being in collaboration with the Russian government. Then, they lied during the 2020 presidential election and pretended like all was well with Biden’s cognitive state.

Americans bore witness to the press continuing to lie during the height of COVID.

Countless reporters claimed that it was self-centered for small business owners to protest the government shutting down the establishments. However, when Black Lives Matter demonstrators set cities ablaze, this wasn’t deemed by the media as dangerous or self-centered.

In the present day, the mainstream media is still lying. Only this time, they’ve been called out over it by none other than Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, as TheBlaze covers.

The mainstream media has been twisting Florida’s HB 1557 into something it’s not, claiming the new law targets youth who are LGBTQ+. In actuality, the new law in the Sunshine State says that children attending classes running from kindergarten to third grade aren’t to be taught about issues regarding gender identity or gender orientation.

The reality here is that kids in third grade and below are still learning the basics about life and shouldn’t be confused with the aforementioned complex matters. However, Democrats and the fake news media somehow turned this into HB 1557, a “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

Several days ago, during a press conference, Governor DeSantis asked a press reporter about the “Don’t Say Gay” law. Immediately, the Florida governor pushed back against this, asking the reporter where the legislation says that “gay” cannot be said.

When the reporter couldn’t answer this question or even explain what was in the new law, DeSantis chastised fake news for spreading inaccurate narratives. The Florida governor then went on to say that the ongoing peddling of fake news is why Americans no longer trust media reporters.

Nine times out of ten, when the media is sharing fake narratives, the narratives are intentionally crafted to cast conservatives in an unfavorable light.

For this reason, other conservative leaders across the nation must follow the lead of Governor DeSantis.

Holding dishonest reporters is accountable. It also conveys that conservatives won’t stand idly as the media peddles the same misinformation it professes to oppose.