Former Chicago Alderman Ed Burke Sentenced To Two Years In Prison For Corruption

Former Chicago Alderman Ed Burke, once a dominant figure in the city’s political landscape, has been sentenced to two years in prison following his conviction on multiple corruption charges. Burke, who was arrested on federal racketeering, bribery, and extortion charges, used his influential position at city hall to secure lucrative contracts for his law firm by pressuring businesses into hiring him in exchange for favorable treatment on property tax appeals, business permits, and other city services.

In December, Burke was found guilty on all 13 counts, including racketeering, corrupt solicitation, promoting unlawful activity using interstate facilities, and attempted extortion. The case against him was largely built on hours of secretly recorded videos and phone conversations with former Alderman Danny Solis, who cooperated with authorities after facing his own corruption charges.

Burke was convicted of attempting to coerce the developers of Chicago’s Old Post Office, a Burger King owner in his ward, and a Binny’s beverage store owner into hiring his tax appeals firm. Despite prosecutors seeking a ten-year sentence for the 80-year-old Burke, he was sentenced to two years in prison. He is required to report to prison by September 23, according to WLS-TV in Chicago.

Burke’s conviction is part of a broader trend of corruption cases involving Chicago area politicians. Nearly 30 officials have faced federal corruption charges in recent years, including former Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan, a powerful figure in Illinois politics for four decades.

Burke, a former ally of Barack Obama, is the latest high-profile figure to be sentenced, highlighting ongoing issues of corruption within Illinois politics.