Former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos: ‘The Department Of Education Should Not Exist’

While giving a speech at the Moms For Liberty National Summit, former Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos advocated for abolishing the very federal agency she once headed up.

“I personally think the Department of Education should not exist,” she said during the summit in Tampa, Florida, according to reporting from the Florida Phoenix.

DeVos, who ran the department under former President Donald Trump, has continued pushing for nationwide school choice for all American children.

During an exclusive interview with the Daily Caller News Foundation, the former Secretary of Education elaborated on her positions, pointing out that Republicans have discussed shrinking or eliminating the Department of Education for “many, many years.”

Of course, that is easier said than done. According to DeVos, taking practical steps such as block grants to the states — a proposal recently introduced to Congress — could actually turn the tides and create a workable option that may one day make the idea a reality.

“Just watching how the system has performed or not performed the last two years, I think makes this argument of shrinking the department to be much more potent,” she told the Daily Caller, pointing out how the education system has held many children hostage over the last two years, many of whom could not escape.

Devos went on to lay out a five-point plan to reform education that Republicans could implement if they were to retake Congress in the November midterms.

According to the Daily Caller, those points include “education freedom, eliminating the Department of Education (DOE), supporting multiple pathways to post-K-12 education, federal student aid reform and restoring Title IX.”

“The solution to that is to have policies that will actually allow the resources to follow the family, to follow the child, to wherever their family decides they’re going to learn best,” DeVos noted.

The former education secretary discusses her plan to save the U.S. education system further, as well as her time serving in the Trump administration, in her book entitled “Hostages No More,” which was released last month.

“The American creativity, ingenuity and entrepreneurship is going to more than rise to the occasion when families are empowered with those resources to make those decisions and choices for their kids,” DeVos said.