Former Obama Stenographer Cites Evidence Biden Acted Illegally

Former Obama era White House stenographer Mike McCormick specifically implicated President Joe Biden in an alleged foreign influence-peddling scheme involving presidential son Hunter Biden.

McCormick recently related that he was with Biden’s current national security advisor Jake Sullivan in Air Force Two on April 21, 2014. The stenographer and Sullivan, who was then a vice presidential aide, were flying to Kyiv with the elder Biden.

According to McCormick, the future president knew his son was on the Burisma board of directors. That is the Ukrainian natural gas company that was part of Joe Biden’s agenda on his mission to promote Ukraine’s natural gas industry.

The former stenographer recounted that Joe Biden was in the front of Air Force Two on the trip. Sullivan outlined for those on the flight how the U.S. would assist the country in developing the industry.

Summarizing the excursion’s priorities, Sullivan said the then-vice president would discuss “medium- and long-term strategies to boost conventional gas production” with Ukrainian officials. The Biden aide said Washington would give “technical assistance” for extracting the nation’s unconventional gas.

It was December when Congress approved $50 million for the Obama administration’s agenda for Ukraine.

In an interview with the New York Post, McCormick said he considers the timeline of events in 2014 as proof that the president used his political power to push along his son’s business interests.

He further asserted his desire to address the federal grand jury in Delaware considering charges against Hunter Biden. McCormick said he believes his information has been ignored by the FBI in their “investigation” of the first son.

He declared that the bureau has been “looking at Hunter Biden, but this ties Joe Biden and [Sullivan] into promoting a kickback scheme with Ukraine.” McCormick gave the Post screenshots of the online FBI submission form he said he turned in earlier this year. He said there has been no response.

BuzzFeed reported that Hunter joined Burisma on April 18, 2014 — just three days before the vice president’s visit. Emails on his infamous abandoned laptop feature conversations leading up to Joe Biden’s excursion to Ukraine that year.

Hunter Biden was compensated up to $1 million per year by Bursima from 2014 to 2019 for sitting on the company’s board. He had no meaningful experience in the energy industry, but his father was U.S. vice president and spearheaded the Obama White House’s Ukraine relationship.