Founding Father James Madison Canceled by Woke Donor — In His Own Home

Visitors to Montpelier, home of the U.S.’s fourth president and “father of the Constitution” James Madison, are in for a rude awakening after renovations that highlight slavery over the statesman’s historic accomplishments.

Under the guise of “renovations” and “restorations,” billionaire leftist David M. Rubenstein replicated the historically despicable changes to Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello at Madison’s home.

It’s about money and changing history, and it’s removing the founding fathers from their rightful place in American history. It came about because of a $10 million grant from The Carlyle Group, founded by Rubenstein.

Visitors expecting to get insights on the brilliant young mind that shaped the U.S. Constitution are instead blindsided with woke history that has little to do with why anyone would pay for a tour. Foundation President Kat Imhoff said the changes “put Madison’s life at Montpelier in context.”

The context, historically speaking, is that Madison was a wealthy Virginia landowner in the 1700s, which meant he owned slaves. Further context may be found in the single greatest legislative document in the Western world, which he primarily authored.

A document that, if anyone conducting the tour cares to know, enabled the end of slavery and the development of the world’s foremost democracy. Perfect? No.

But for both its time and our time, there is nothing close to its stature and influence. Every meaningful constitution written since closely followed its structure of separation of powers and checks and balances for a stable government.

Just as our fourth president is rewritten and reevaluated in his former home, his predecessor faces the same.

Take a tour of Monticello in 2022, and it is more likely to hear about Jefferson’s “wildly overblown” reputation than his stalwart contributions to American freedoms.

Picking up reading material from the gift shop? There’s exactly one biography of the founding father and primary author of the Declaration of Independence. But works by critical race hucksters Ibram X. Kendi and Ta-Nehisi Coates are there for purchase.

It was Rubenstein, by the way, who donated $20 million towards Monticello’s restoration in 2015. This rewriting of American history must be counteracted for future generations to know the truth. But with the state of public education, that task falls squarely on the patriotism of parents.