Fox Loses Millions Of Viewers Without Tucker

May marked the first complete month without Tucker Carlson on the Fox News Channel, and the repercussions were severe, with a staggering 32 percent drop in primetime viewership. In late April, the decision was made to remove Tucker Carlson’s primetime show from the network, leaving him technically employed by Fox but without a presence in the primetime lineup.

Consequently, the once-dominant Fox News primetime schedule barely surpassed its left-leaning rival, MSNBC, last month. During April, Fox News averaged 2.072 million people who tuned in. However, in May, without Tucker Carlson, the network’s average primetime viewership plummeted to a mere 1.417 million, or 32 percent.

The impact was even more pronounced among the coveted 25-54 age demographic, which determines advertising rates. Fox News primetime suffered a staggering 44 percent loss compared to the previous month, with 135,000 people watching in May versus 240,000 in April.

Former Fox News fans, disillusioned by the network’s actions, have sought alternatives such as OAN and Newsmax, or even chosen to abandon cable news entirely. This erosion of trust seems to have reached a tipping point for many.

In April, with Tucker Carlson still in the primetime lineup, Fox News triumphed over MSNBC by an impressive margin of 752,000 viewers (2.072 million to 1.320 million). However, without Carlson, Fox only maintained a lead of 257,000 viewers over MSNBC in May (1.417 million to 1.160 million).

In a further blow to the cable news landscape, CNN’s average total primetime viewership dipped below 500,000 in May. This left-leaning outlet, often criticized for promoting violence and its love of fake news, attracted a meager average of 494,000 primetime watchers. May proved to be even worse than April, with a decline from 587,000 viewers to 494,000.

Fox News likely underestimated the repercussions of parting ways with Tucker Carlson, believing they could weather the storm. However, this turn of events could mark a new era for Fox News, where they may find it increasingly challenging to retain their top ratings position against MSNBC.

Many eagerly anticipate the potential success of Tucker Carlson’s forthcoming show on Twitter, which could further reshape the media landscape and potentially further impact Fox News’ ratings.