Fugitive Inmate Caught, Partner Still At Large

A daring escape unfolded at the Raymond Detention Center in Mississippi on Monday as two inmates managed to crawl through an air duct, resulting in one capture and the other still on the run.

The missing individuals, identified as Michael Lewis and Joseph Spring, both 31 years old, were notably absent during the official inmate headcount conducted earlier that morning.

Sheriff Tyree Jones of Hinds County revealed the breach occurred “inside the ceiling” above the jail’s recreation room, allowing the pair to gain access to the air duct and successfully exit the prison. Following their escape, Lewis and Spring scaled the fence, then fled on foot.

Later investigations led deputies to discover bloodstains near the point of their departure, along with “other items that may have belonged to the inmates,”. During a press briefing held on Monday afternoon, Sheriff Jones expressed remorse for the incident, referring to it as “a public safety breach” that warranted an apology to the community.

Spring had been held in custody since November 2022 on charges of parole violations and burglary, while Lewis had been incarcerated since December of the previous year due to DUI and possession of marijuana offenses. Authorities managed to locate Lewis near the intersection of Seven Springs and Springridge Road, where he was apprehended by deputies.

Consequently, Lewis will now face “additional escape charges” in addition to his previous legal charges. As the pursuit continues, Sheriff Jones assures the public that local officials are tirelessly working to track down Spring, the remaining fugitive.

This audacious jailbreak highlights the vulnerabilities within the prison system and the pressing need for enhanced security measures. The Raymond Detention Center reportedly had four inmates escape just last month alone. Residents in the area are advised to exercise caution and promptly report any suspicious activities to law enforcement.

The manhunt for Joseph Spring remains ongoing, and any information leading to his apprehension should be immediately relayed to the Hinds County Sheriff’s Office.