Garland Admits He Personally Approved Raid on Trump’s Home

In a surprising Thursday move by President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice, a public statement was issued by Attorney General Merrick Garland. This came just three days after the unprecedented FBI raid of former President Donald Trump’s home in search of documents.

Garland said the federal officers descending onto Trump’s Florida residence were there because of the National Archives and Records Administration seeking records and materials.

He also said the Justice Department filed a motion with the southern district of Florida “to unseal the search warrant and property receipt.”

Further, Garland said he “personally approved” of the decision and the administration “does not take it lightly.” He admitted that it is standard procedure to take a “less intrusive” approach instead of a search and to keep it as narrow as possible.

Garland then acknowledged the fierce criticism that the FBI and Department of Justice have been under since the raid. Many question why such a high-profile act needed to be taken when it’s now been revealed that Trump welcomed investigators into his home as recently as June.

The Attorney General addressed the criticism indirectly, saying he “will not stand by silently” while the integrity of the FBI is being attacked.

However, issuing a search warrant against an American president, sitting or past, is an unprecedented and seemingly unwarranted move. Even as Garland said a “less intrusive” approach is preferred, it raised the question as to why that approach was tossed aside in this instance.

It is hardly news that the former president may very well seek the presidency for a third time in 2024. Did the administration think this raid would make him less palatable to his supporters?

On the contrary, it is extremely possible that the Biden administration overplayed their hand. Americans have a strong sense of fair play and right and wrong. The heavy-handed approach of the DOJ, while cheered by the leftist media and their radical allies, does not play well in middle America.

As former Harvard law professor and constitutional attorney Alan Dershowitz said this week, the administration was only looking “to get Donald Trump.” For the federal government in 2022, everything is fair as long as the former president is the target.