Gates Foundation Funding Clinton Initiative To Make Developing Countries Dependent On China

In September, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced a grant of $560,021 to the Clinton Health Access Initiative to make developing countries reliant on Chinese manufacturers.

The foundation blatantly states that the sizable grant’s purpose is “to leverage manufacturing capabilities in China to increase supply security and enhance the supply of key health commodities in low- and middle-income countries.”

The Clinton Health Access Initiative is a spinoff of the controversial Clinton Foundation run by Chelsea Clinton. Her parents, former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, joined the board of directors of the foundation in 2011.

Critics of the grant point out that such an initiative could make the developing countries reliant on China well into the future, and in the process, increase the country’s global control.

China recently announced the “Belt and Road” initiative, which the U.S. State Department has cautioned against.

“[China] uses the Belt and Road Initiative and other undertakings to expand foreign markets for Chinese companies and as a means of drawing nations, particularly their political and economic elites, into Beijing’s geopolitical orbit,” said State Department officials.

In the wake of similar accusations during the COVID-19 pandemic, critics question the timing of the grant and the intentions of the prominent foundations.

On their website, the Gates Foundation explicitly states that they view China as a key partner.

“We support China in addressing major domestic health and development challenges, working with Chinese partners to help the country become a stronger health and development partner for the rest of the world,” the website states.

The Gates Foundation also touts that they step in when it is time to take risks that governments cannot undertake.

“Some of the projects we fund will fail,” the website states. “We not only accept that, we expect it — because we think an essential role of philanthropy is to make bets on promising solutions that governments and businesses can’t afford to make.”

Melinda Gates recently appeared in interviews to discuss how they are addressing global poverty and inequity.