Gavin Newsom Partners With NFL Star Marshawn Lynch For New Podcast

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) is teaming up with NFL legend Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch to launch a new weekly podcast called “Politickin’.” The podcast, set to premiere on July 5 on iHeartPodcasts, aims to boost Newsom’s national profile amidst speculation about his future political ambitions.

According to Politico, “Politickin’” promises to offer listeners a unique take on Newsom, showing a side of him that the public has never heard before. Despite the podcast’s name, Newsom claims that it will avoid political discussions. Instead, he and Lynch will delve into what it takes to excel in their respective fields, providing insights and experiences from their careers.

Newsom, who has about a year and a half left in his term as governor, previously ruled out a presidential run for this year. During a gubernatorial debate in October 2022, he pledged to complete his term and not leave early to seek higher office. However, with increasing calls from Democrats for President Joe Biden to step aside, Newsom’s name has frequently surfaced as a potential candidate for the party’s nomination.

In recent months, Newsom has spent considerable time traveling across the country for political appearances, sparking further speculation about his future plans.

Marshawn Lynch, Newsom’s co-host, is a renowned NFL figure known for his “Beast Mode” playing style. Lynch, a Super Bowl champion and five-time Pro Bowler, played for the Seattle Seahawks, where he earned fame for his powerful rushing and memorable “Beast Quake” touchdown in the 2011 playoffs. After retiring in 2019, Lynch became a part-owner of the Seattle Kraken NHL team.

The collaboration between Newsom and Lynch is expected to draw attention, given their high-profile backgrounds and the unique promise of their podcast content.