Gavin Newsom’s Out Of Control Wildfires Nearly Burned Down Reagan Ranch

Firefighters have been battling over the weekend since late last week to save the historic Ronald Reagan ranch in Santa Barbara, California. 

That’s an enormous strain on the administration of California Governor Gavin Newsom. He has many bright ideas like every socialist reactionary who ascends to public office on a tidal wave of bogus claims and false promises.

For instance, they were spending nearly $15 billion of California taxpayers’ money on universal pre-kindergarten schooling for extra early brainwashing of all the Golden State’s young skulls full of mush.

That is such a tender age that would pull a baby like their mother for the state to indoctrinate with its propaganda like Critical Race Theory and all the greatest hits of the global environmental doomsday cult’s hymns.

They don’t use facts. They pull out the violin and sing you a little song. These guys don’t even know what science is. If you doubt it, ask some of them plain what science is and watch them drown.

But for all of Gavin Newsom’s bright ideas and all the billions of dollars of other people’s money the state is spending to implement them, he didn’t have any idea how to address one of California’s most pressing crises, and one that is perennial to the region.

So it’s not like he was taken by surprise after moving into the lavish governor’s mansion to rule over California like a communist dictator. Newsom wants to educate four-year-olds, but he’s not even a real grown-up.

There are not very many natural grown-ups in California’s government. Otherwise, there would be a serious and effective response to the raging wildfires in the state.

Instead, these political elites want to use their position of trust in a public office of the state of California to pander to some of the stupidest notions plaguing voters’ minds and continue their un-American program of socialist engineering on other people’s kids with their own money.

So we end up with the Alisal Fire near Santa Barbara growing by over a thousand acres overnight last week and coming within half a mile of the Reagan Ranch. The ranch is owned and cared for by the conservative Young America Foundation.

Andrew Coffin, director of the Reagan Ranch, told CNN that the California wildfire made it to within a quarter-mile of the ranch. Perhaps the only thing that saved it is that the farm has two lakes on the property. Aerial firefighting units could use water from the lakes to fight the fire, a significant advantage. Teams have had to fly 60-minute round trips to get water and bring it back to the fire in other areas.

Newsom is the American West Coast version of Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau. Just another well-to-do, political family scion who only ever made it so far in politics because of his dad. Too bad for Californians.