Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams Has No Clue What’s Happening

In 2018, Democrat Stacey Abrams ran for governor in Georgia. Of course, Abrams did not win this election and ended up being handily defeated by current Governor Brian Kemp (R-GA).

Today, Abrams is again running for Georgia’s governorship. As Kemp and challenger David Perdue duke it out for the state’s GOP nomination, one of them is sure to end up facing Abrams.

Although, this might not be so good for the Georgia Democrat. Statewide polls show that in a general election matchup, Abrams would lose when pitted against either Perdue or Kemp.

All in all, Abrams’ chances of being Georgia’s next governor truly aren’t looking that good. Meanwhile, her latest comments may have sealed her fate, according to PJ Media.

The Most Ill-informed Take Ever

During a Friday interview with MSNBC, Abrams proved that she is utterly disconnected, not just from Georgians, but also from the country at large.

When the Georgia Democrat was asked about which pieces of Joe Biden’s messaging or policies resonate most with her state’s voters, Abrams’ gave a terrible answer.

According to her, “voting rights” is one key issue that resonates with the people of Georgia. Later, Abrams went on to claim that Biden is a “popular figure,” due to his “intentions.”

The ill-informed nature of this take is actually astounding. Biden is far from popular in Georgia. In fact, he’s so unpopular that the senator of his party, Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA), is behind in the polls to GOP challenger Herschel Walker.

In Georgia, Biden carries a net negative support rating, just as he does in other midterm battleground states. Abrams can think whatever she likes about Biden’s “intentions,” but to declare him as a “popular figure” is downright false.

Can Georgia Dodge This Bullet?

Many Georgians have been hurt by the policies of the Biden administration, such as inflation and high gas costs. However, if Abrams is able to get into the governor’s mansion there, Georgians’ lives will get a lot worse.

Judging from the polls in Georgia, Governor Kemp appears like he will secure the GOP nomination later this month and then go on for a rematch against Abrams.
Kemp currently holds a 26-point lead over Perdue, despite the latter bearing the endorsement of former President Trump. The current Georgia governor says he beat Stacey Abrams before and he can do it again.

For the sake of Georgians, let’s hope Kemp is right.