Germany Is Being Advised Not To Ditch Its Nuclear Power Plants

In various parts of the world, the push for a radically leftist climate change agenda continues. Different proposals that discourage the use of oil and greenhouse gas emissions are generally made in the name of saving the planet.

Yet, the alternatives to natural resources aren’t holding up at all. Electric vehicles are great examples of this.

In certain parts of the country, charging stations for these cars aren’t even operational. In the wake of Hurricane Ian in Florida, some electric vehicles are even exploding due to longstanding contact with flooded water.

Germany remains one of several nations involved in climate change activism. One of their latest measures centers around the ill-advised elimination of nuclear power plants.

The End of Germany as We Know It?
Germany is already facing enormous energy problems in real time. However, this isn’t stopping left-wing officials from pushing to end nuclear power plant use.

All things considered, the elimination of nuclear power plants is such a horrible idea for Germany that even long-time climate change activist Greta Thunberg is telling the country to change course.

According to Thunberg, Germany shouldn’t try to fix what isn’t broken. In the case of nuclear power plants, this means leaving well enough alone.

Even other activists who would ordinarily support green energy have also joined Thunberg in advising the German government to leave nuclear power plants as they are.

The Moral of the Story
If Germany doesn’t end the warnings of Thunberg and others, it will be to the nation’s own detriment. Already, the country has enough problems, given how Russia is straining Germany’s access to energy.

Years ago, Germany was warned by former President Trump not to rely so heavily on energy from Russia. It goes without saying that Germany didn’t heed this warning and is now paying the price as Russia tightens its grip.

When faced with the real world, far-left climate change initiatives fail time and time again. Even the people of Germany are waking up to this, as seen by the declining popularity of the nation’s government.

Unfortunately, if the worst happens and Germany chooses to shut off nuclear power plants, everyday people of the country will suffer far sooner and longer than the elites.