Glenn Youngkin Rode The Red Parents Wave That We Helped To Create In Virginia

Democrats are flailing. Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Barack Obama, and Terry McAuliffe do not know what hit them. This maladministration is already a feeble and failed attempt at governing. 

Biden is a horrendous anti-president, and the leftist agenda is exposed as a train wreck. It must happen once every generation. The sock puppet-in-chief could not draw flies for the McAuliffe campaign. Once again, this demonstrates that Grandpa Joe Biden is covering for the liberal agenda run by Nancy Pelosi. He is a seat-warmer for Kamala Harris, waiting in the wings, with the long knives out. 

The beat-down Republicans served on Tuesday is just the beginning. Parents are activated and monitoring evil school boards and the politicians who cover for them. We demand that Youngkin and his team get to work on the To-Do List, starting with education and including election reform. If he wants to be re-elected, he better protects the vote! 

Youngkin won the Virginia governor’s race by taking advantage of the opportunity to hit the notes parents needed to hear repeatedly. He has become an agent of parents if we hold his feet to the fire. 

Terry McAuliffe and Joe Biden are the last vestiges of the white Bill and Hillary Clinton era liberals who pretend to be moderate to enrich themselves at the trough of government and political money. Kamala Harris is the Barack Obama extreme left working with the Woke Squad to fundamentally transform this country into Seattle and Minneapolis, which both had voters reject Democrat insanity. 

Scott Smith is the father who was assaulted and arrested by local police for standing up to the Loudoun County School Board. This campaign hinged on the sick and disgusting assault of a 15-year-old young girl in a school bathroom. When supposedly transgender kids in skirts get away with physical assault, we have a problem. 

Physical assault was excused and covered up by a work school board who lied. They said that they knew nothing about this assault. Then they kicked him to another school where he could do it again. They think that they can treat him like an evil priest, boy scout leader, or teacher. 

McAuliffe chose to support the 14-year-old transgender rapist and not protect the young lady who was assaulted. It sounds like he learned his lessons from the Clintons. Woke administrators are the bane of school safety. Parents must now root out the idiots who permit assailants who want to claim LGBTQ+ status to attack our daughters. 

Liberal media talking heads are assaulting Virginia’s white moms who cast a ballot against CRT, porn, and transgender assault. People like NPR’s Joy Reid are mad at suburban moms who were supposed to vote Democrat because they hate Donald Trump. She thinks that these women are too dumb to realize who the real threat is. 

McAuliffe thinks that teachers and education administrators have the sole discretion to decide what kids should learn. Parents rejected his nonsensical statements and the CRT plan he supports. We demand accountability and transparency in public education because involved parents increase learning! Finally, Virginians can see through these Democrat lies.

Youngkin jumped on the wave the Daily Wire created by uncovering the Scott Smith travesty. It is the political era we live in. The candidate who can generate the most righteous anger approaching November will win. Any good parent should cast a ballot for their children.

Leftists lost Tuesday, and they will quadruple down on their policies, shoving them down our throats. Wokism is leftism, and it will not go away. They will never learn their lesson. We must totally and ultimately defeat them.