GOP Gives Biden An Ultimatum On Vaccine Mandates

Joe Biden’s insistence on vaccine mandates has been crumbling apart.

Back in January, the Supreme Court ruled the president didn’t have the authority to demand that businesses either test their workers for COVID every week, make their employees get vaccinated or fire employees who refuse to get vaccinated.

Not long afterward, a federal judge in the state of Texas ruled against a similar vaccine mandate that Biden tried to impose upon America’s federal contractors.

However, some of Biden’s vaccine mandates still linger, particularly for healthcare workers, military members, etc. Now, Republicans are taking a stand and officially putting Biden on notice about where they stand regarding forced mandates, as The Federalist points out.

More than three dozen congressional Republicans have penned a letter to congressional GOP leaders Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell.

In the letter, the House and Senate Republican leaders are informed that overseas tensions in Europe heighten the tyranny and foolishness of Biden demanding for military members to take COVID vaccines or be removed from the force.

The letter then warns that if the remainder of Biden’s vaccine mandates are not defunded by the time March 11 comes, then GOP lawmakers will not be voting for a bill to keep the government-funded.

Republicans in Congress likewise made it clear that Biden’s vaccine mandates are an abuse of federal power, along with abuse of executive power which similarly cannot be allowed to keep going.

Finally, the letter to McCarthy and McConnell reminds everyone that the very vaccines Biden is trying to mandate do not stop anyone from contracting COVID. Science has since confirmed that COVID vaccines don’t stop anyone from passing coronavirus to others. Therefore, this makes a case for mandates even weaker than it’s already been.

Despite the lack of science supporting vaccine mandates and the widespread unpopularity of these edicts, Biden has fought tooth and nail to keep them in place. The president was very disappointed when the Supreme Court ruled that his vaccine mandate for large businesses wasn’t allowed to stand.

At this point, it does not appear as though Biden will roll back the vaccine mandate for the military or other impacted individuals unless he is forced to do so by a court of law.

His president continues to prove himself incapable of accepting constructive feedback or acknowledging when he’s been wrong.

Therefore, Americans may do well to prepare for a government shutdown to occur later this year.