GOP Rep. Tony Gonzales: ‘Life On The Border Is Hell for Us’

During a Monday interview, Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX) emphasized the continued difficulties at the US-Mexico border. Gonzales, who represents a border district, said the situation there is “worsening.” President Joe Biden, he said, is “doing nothing to protect this border.”

According to Border Patrol sector leaders, approximately 850 migrants are apprehended every day. There are traces of yellow fever, TB, and COVID under the bridge. A little town named Sonora is 90 miles away, and there was a high-speed pursuit through Sonora only a few days earlier. Unfortunately, the situation on the border is deteriorating, and Joe Biden is canceling the wall and contracts, according to Gonzales.

“The turmoil that Joe Biden has produced is affecting everyone” along the US-Mexico border, especially towns that rely on business and trade between the two countries, according to Mexican President Felipe Calderon. It also has a financial impact on us. Calderon stated, “You know, our towns along the border rely on that trade.”

The Department of Homeland Security has canceled contracts to build a border wall in the troubled Rio Grande Valley. The money that Congress set up for wall building will instead be used for environmental programs. The announcement comes only a week after the Department of Homeland Security announced it expects 400,000 border apprehensions this month alone.

Twenty thousand asylum seekers from Haiti and other countries are gathering in Colombia in preparation for a new rush to the US border. Before most were allowed access, 30,000 Haitians tented in deplorable conditions beneath the International Bridge in Del Rio, Texas.

Senate Republicans discovered in July that the Biden administration had spent billions of dollars on border-wall contractors “while steel rusted in the desert.” The Department of Homeland Security relaunched building projects suspended due to President Donald Trump’s harsh immigration policy.