GOP Takes New Measures To “Stop Wasteful Use” Of Taxpayer Funds

It is not an exaggeration to warn that the United States military is under a vicious attack from the Biden Administration. In real-time, the 46th President has a mandate that gets service members discharged if they refuse to take the COVID vaccine.

Let’s not forget that massive foreign policy tensions with Russia, Ukraine, and possibly China are underway. Meanwhile, the military has decided that service members should be kicked out if they don’t submit to taking an experimental vaccine that doesn’t stop the infection or spread of coronavirus.

There is litigation pending against Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate for the United States military. However, reports are still emerging of service members being discharged over this mandate in the meantime.

Meanwhile, as all this plays out, there’s a genuine chance that American taxpayers are going to end up footing the bill for this dystopian, tyrannical mandate. According to the Washington Free Beacon, Republicans are stepping up to ensure taxpayer funds do not pay for such a travesty.

As Biden wages war against the US military, House GOP leaders are pressing the House Appropriations Committee to block taxpayers from funding Biden’s mandate for all military members.

In this outreach to the House Appropriations Committee, Republicans have warned that Biden’s mandate could lead to at least 50,000 service members being discharged from the military. Already, hundreds of military members have been let go because of this mandate.

In the letter to the House Appropriations Committee, Republican lawmakers pointed out that many service members have contacted them about the myriad negative impacts of Biden’s mandate.

Unfortunately, the Democrat Party controls the House of Representatives, albeit by a small majority. Therefore, the best shot Republicans have of taking action against this mandate may come after the midterms, assuming the GOP takes back the House.

Last month, the President faced utter humiliation and legal defeats when the Supreme Court shut down his vaccine mandate for America’s large businesses. Another blow arrived when a federal judge in Texas stopped the vaccine mandate he put in place for federal workers.

At this point, the COVID vaccine mandate for the military isn’t about science. Instead, it’s about Biden’s bruised ego. This mandate is about Biden trying to make a point. He wants strong-arm military members to do what he says or be kicked out of their jobs.

Meanwhile, Russia and China are joining forces every day and working to show their strength. China has come out and threatened the United States with war. It is not the time for America to be depleting our military.

If Biden decides to continue with this mandate and reduce the US military further, it will serve as even more grounds for his impeachment and removal from office.